Six Days of Hajj Package 2015

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Although Hajj is a full time and long time taking in general but in actual the six days of Hajj are the main essence of Hajj. All the necessary practices are done by the followers in these six days, and if a person who is not able to spend forty days in Makah or have not enough money that he can afford such a huge stay abroad then he can get the package of six days of Hajj 2015. There are a number of traveling companies and agents are offering the six days package of Hajj 2015 that make is easy for the economy class people to perform Hajj by just spending six days there. The reduction in their stay also reduces to the expenses and money requirements.

Actions in six day of Zilhajj

To perform Hajj there are some of the actions which are necessary for the performer and these important actions starts from the 5th of Zilhajj and ended on 10th of Zilhajj with the Khutba of Hajj. The person has to wear Ihram after reaching Makah and then he perform Umrah or Tawaf accordingly, after that he entered in to the group of people and perform different important actions such as going to Mina to hit the Shaitan with small stones, then stay in Irfat for one day and after that they move towards the Muzdalfa. All the Hajjis stay in Muzdalfa for one night and after delivering the Fajar prayer they come back to Irfat and listens to Hajj’s Khutba. After the Khutba they move towards the Mina again to hit Shitan and also to sacrifice animals in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. after that Hajjis go to trim their hair, take bath and wear new clothes and then come back to Khana Kaba for Tawaf-e-Zyarah.

Get the main essence

In short you can say that the real practice starts from the fifth Zilhajj and the people who cannot afford to go before time due to theta busy schedule or some other reasons have a freedom to go there before fifth of Zilhajj and perform Hajj with all of its glory. But if you are planning to spend the six days of Hajj 2015 in Saudi Arabia then you need to hire a company  or an agent before time. Because the visa are very few in numbers and for every package you need to apply on time so your departure can be confirm. You can contact to ant of available travel agency or travel agent who is dealing with the Hajj matters. This facility is only privately available; no government is offering such kind of package or services.

Take action before time

If you will not hire an agent or agency ( before time then it can be a loss on your account. Because at the end of the time there will be no visa application accepted and not flight will be available. If you hire an agency before time then they will manage all the things for you because they are specialized in it and they will entertain you in your homeland and in Saudi Arabia as well.