Important Steps for Women during Umrah

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Umrah is a small pilgrimage. It can be performed ant time during the year. The pilgrims visit the holy city Makkah and perform some special tasks like Tawaaf of Kaaba, Sa’i and shave their hair. Umrah should be performed only for the sake of Allah. In simple words, we can say that Umrah means to visit an important place.

During the performance of Umrah, women face a lot of troubles. Here we are discussing some important steps of Umrah for women. Women are not allowed to travel alone to the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Women must travel with Mahram. Mahram is a person with which she cannot marry.


Women can wear their normal dress in the state of Ihram. Men must wear two clothes of white color and must be unstitched. All the conditions of Ihram are same for the men and women. Women should also take bath, offer two rakat which are optional prayer and also recite Talbiyah. A woman, who is passing through her menstrual course, is not allowed to offer the optional prayer. She just sits on prayer mat facing the Kaaba, should declare the Niyah and recite Talbiyah and Darood Sharif in low voice. During this, her face must be uncovered. Women during their menstrual course are not allowed to perform Tawaaf and Sa’i.  Women can wear their usual dresses and their shoes but just their face must be uncovered.

Veil for ladies according to Islam

According to Islam, veil is compulsory. It is obligatory to cover the full body in all the circumstances. There is a misconception that during the performance of Hajj and Umrah all the pilgrims become brother and sister of each other. This is absolutely wrong. Non Mahram cannot be your Mahram in any aspect. Women should cover themselves and should be more careful about their veil in Makkah and Madina as it is obligatory in Islam. It shows the dignity and respect of these places.

Veil in Ihram

As Islam emphases on veil and it is also compulsory for women to cover themselves. However in state og Ihram, women cannot cover their face. Their face must be uncovered. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you can use a hat with extended shade. You can also attach a thin cloth with your cap that acts as a veil for you. It must be kept in mind that the cloth should not touch your face skin. Umrah must be performed with uncovered face. For the virtues of Umrah and to get more blessing of Allah, you must have to follow all the conditions during the performance of Umrah. Many of the tour operators are also participating much to make the travel of the women protected and peaceful. For this purpose they offer Cheap Umrah Package for the women who are going to visit the House of Allah. This Cheap Umrah Package  often suits their needs and budget and provide them a contented travel experience.