5 Things You Should Not Carry During Hajj Trip

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Every country has some of its rules and regulations that imply on every single person in the country whether he is the citizen or the tourist. Saudi Arabia is simply strict about such rules and do not let anybody to violate them, you should consider that you should not violate any kind of law or rule there during your Hajj trip. There are some certain things that are illegal or banned by the government and in the flight as well so here are the major five things that you should avoid during your flight and whole Hajj trip.


It is an international law that any passenger cannot take drugs along him in any flight; it is universally any illegal business. But, in your flight for Hajj you have to consider this strictly because a state like Saudi Arabia definitely takes strong action on this if there will be any kind of drug in your ownership. You should be careful about this as this is your spiritual journey so if it happens then you will be treated brutally. Try to make it confirm that you will pack your bags on your own and after your arrival in Saudi Arabia never let anybody else to deal with your luggage and during your stay avoid such people who are unknown and strange for you.


Not all the medicines but some of the medicines that contain alcohol or some kind of soothing drugs are prohibited there. The Saudi government does not let the passengers to have these medicines as they are also a kind of drug and have an addicting in them. But if these medicines are for any specific disease then you can take them along with a certificate by the state physician. This certificate will assure that these medications are prescribed by the doctor and will be used by the patient only.

Pocket knife

During your movement in Saudi Arabia you are not allowed to have pocket knife in your pocket or the hand bag. While you are in the state on Hajj visa then it is not a common thing that you have a pocket knife along you while you are moving. The Saudi government has made Makah and Madina safe for the tourist to a great extent that they do not allow them to keep such things.

Printed pictures

The printed pictures are not allowed in Saudi Arabia these are completely ban there, so you have to keep this in your mind that other than the document pictures you will not have any unnecessary pictures along you. And if you have any then try to keep them hidden and does not show case them at all.


If you try to take the open cosmetics along you then it will be a big mistake of yours, the airport authorities and the Saudi government does not allow bringing in the open and sometimes even the packed cosmetics in the state.